G.R. No. 195670: December 3, 2012
Petitioner Willem Beumer (Beumer), a Dutch National, and respondent Avelina Amores (Amores), a Filipina, were married. After several years, the RTC declared the nullity of their marriage on the basis of the formers psychological incapacity. Consequently, Beumer filed a Petition for Dissolution of Conjugal Partnership praying for the distribution of the six lots claimed to have been acquired during the subsistence of their marriage.
Amores averred that, with the exception of their two (2) residential houses, she and Beumer did not acquire any conjugal properties during their marriage, the truth being that she used her own personal money to purchase the four lots and the other two by way of inheritance. She submitted a joint affidavit executed by her and petitioner attesting to the fact that she purchased one of the lots and the improvements thereon using her own money. On the other hand, Beumer testified that while the four lots, excluding the two lots allegedly acquired by Amores by way of inheritance, were registered in the name of Amores, these properties were acquired with the money he received from the Dutch government as his disability benefit since Amores did not have sufficient income to pay for their acquisition. He also claimed that the joint affidavit they submitted before the Register of Deeds was contrary to Article 89 of the Family Code, hence, invalid.
ISSUE: Whether or not Beumer is entitled for reimbursement of the value of the lots based on equity.
HELD: The petition lacks merit.
CONSTITUTIONAL LAW: National Patrimony
In Re: Petition For Separation of Property-Elena Buenaventura Muller v. Helmut Muller, the Court had already denied a claim for reimbursement of the value of purchased parcels of Philippine land instituted by a foreigner (Helmut Muller) against his former Filipina spouse. It held that the foreigner cannot seek reimbursement on the ground of equity where it is clear that he willingly and knowingly bought the property despite the prohibition against foreign ownership of Philippine land enshrined under Section 7, Article XII of the 1987 Philippine Constitution.
Petition is DENIED.