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Employers cannot make employees pay for company uniform

PRRD admin welcomes UN, EU support re: Bangsamoro

Video explains "how a bill becomes a law"

To fight inflation, TRAIN law effects, rank-and-file Senate employees to receive additional Php5,000 per month

Suspension of political laws; enemies in arms

Bangsamoro Organic Law NOT perfect but big leap

22 landmark cases on ejectment

Campanilla explains "arson with homicide"

Senate starts drug war vs. 300 officials, employees

WATCH: Handwriting lesson for Bar examinees

What are 3 kinds of donation?

Voluntary appearance; special appearance

Blogger sued for criticizing senators as Malacañang lapdogs

7-minute video explains "congressional leadership"

Duterte admin gives P890K equipment to farmer groups

Concom wants Mocha Uson to spread news, educate the public about federalism, new constitution

Crime Aggravated by Abuse of Public Position

PRRD gives 15K to fire victims

Duterte: Even God has become my enemy

Duterte’s security bans pens, pencils, bottled water

Cashwagon uses "fake" Atty. Ralph to collect dues

Donation, defined; characteristics

2 Modes of Acquiring Ownership

Montano spent P2.277M for 91-day trips abroad in 2017

VIDEO: What are congressional committees?

When is there forum shopping?

PRRD prepares EO vs. open-pit mining

Roque: Spreading fake news that PRRD hospitalized, a crime

Roque: PRRD in good health, not rushed to hospital

Incomplete Self-Defense

The Right to Calamity Fund by Dean Nilo Divina

After GMA in, pro-DU30 solons fight over House posts

BAR EXAM TIPS: 45 ways of citing SC cases, theories

Roque wants healthcare for all Filipinos

Duterte to GMA: Don't oust Alvarez, "ayusin natin ito"

SC: Age gap negates "rape thru force" between 14yo, 24yo

PRRD to build brighter future via P3.76T 2019 budget

64% of Filipinos now think Duterte “malaswa,” "masagwa"

AFP happy about Duterte's peaceful SONA

PRRD to rice hoarders: "Consider yourselves warned"

Oral defamation, slander - G.R. No. 160351; April 10, 2006

VIDEO: Gloria says sorry after "cheating" in election

Theft, qualified theft; definition; difference; proper penalty

Doctrine of Parens Patriae

No rape? SC: Unfair if girl changes mind during sex

SC: No rape if drunk victim does NOT "fight back"

Best law school grading system for working students

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