Campanilla summarizes Chiong sisters case in 136 words

In four (4) sentences, Judge Marlo Campanilla summarized the Larrañaga case for the benefit of law students and lawyers. Campanilla is a famous author and lecturer in criminal law, especially in special penal laws. Law students all over the Philippines await the publication of his textbook on criminal law.

[QUOTE] In the case of People v. Francisco Juan Larrañaga alias Paco, G.R. Nos. 138874-75, February 3, 2004, the Supreme Court laid down four important principles, to wit:

1. If there are two persons kidnapped and killed, the accused is liable for two counts of kidnapping with homicide.
2. Where the person kidnapped is killed in the course of the detention, regardless of whether the killing was purposely sought or was merely an afterthought, kidnapping and murder or homicide can neither be complexed nor be treated as separate crimes, but shall be punished as a special complex crime of kidnapping with homicide.
3. If as a consequence of illegal detention, the victim was raped and then killed, the crime committed is a special complex crime of kidnapping with homicide. Rape will be considered as component of this special complex crime.
4. Where the kidnapped victim is raped and killed, rape is not an aggravating circumstance but just a component of this special complex crime of kidnapping with homicide. [UNQUOTE] SOURCE:
WHO IS CAMPANILLA? Judge Marlo Bermejo Campanilla rose to prominence when his book “The Revised Penal Code” was published in 2007. And in an almost unprecedented feat, he simultaneously published a 4-volume series in “Special Penal Laws” that (coincidentally) was included in the 2010 Bar Examination.