What are 3 kinds of donation?

What are the three (3) kinds of donation? There are three (3) kinds of donation under Philippine civil law: inter vivos (during the lifetime); mortis causa (upon/after death or by reason of death); and propter nuptias (by reason of marriage).

[1] Inter Vivos. When the donor intends that the donation take effect during his lifetime, though the property shall not be delivered till after the donor's death, there is donation inter vivos. (Art. 729 of the Civil Code)

[2] Mortis Causa. Donations which are to take effect upon the death of the donor partake of the nature of testamentary provisions and shall be governed by the rules established under the law on succession. (Art. 728 of the Civil Code)

[3] Propter Nuptias. Donations made by reason of marriage, before its celebration, in consideration of the same, and in favor of one or both of the future spouses are called "donacions propter nuptias." (Art. 81 of the Family Code).