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CASE DIGEST: Medicard vs. CIR (G.R. No. 222743; April 5, 2017)

CASE DIGEST: BIR vs. Lepanto (G.R. No. 224764; April 24, 2017)

CASE DIGEST: Mitsubishi vs. CIR (G.R. No. 175772; June 5, 2017)

CASE DIGEST: UPSI-MI vs. CIR (G.R. No. 205955; March 7, 2018)

CASE DIGEST: Silicon Philippines, Inc. vs. CIR (G.R. No. 182737; March 2, 2016)

Laws violated by Tulfo in PGH incident

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Mere suddenness, NOT always treachery

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Conviction OK even if NO weapon presented in court

Employee's premarital sex NOT immoral

CASE DIGEST: CIR vs. BASF Coating (G.R. No. 198677; November 26, 2014)

CASE DIGEST: CIR vs. Next Mobile (G.R. No. 212825, December 07, 2015)

Lawyer suspended 3 mons for non-filing of brief

Revocation or Reduction of Donation

Notes on Article II of the 1987 Constitution

Donations in Fraud of Creditors

Possession in Usufruct

Qualifying vs. Generic Aggravating

Fake news! Law regulating "endo" (P.D. 442) enacted by Marcos during martial law, NOT by Cory

Ownership; Mode vs. Title

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Employer's power to change working hours

3 passenger rights