Drilon, Sotto to stop "single driver" rule in EDSA

Senate leaders on Wednesday assailed the driver-only ban scheme in EDSA, strongly urging Metro Manila authorities to immediately recall and suspend its implementation.

Senate Resolution No. 845 authored by Senate Minority Leader Franklin M. Drilon along with Senate President Vicente Sotto III, Senate President Pro-Tempore Ralph Recto, and Senate Majority Leader Miguel Zubiri, said the controversial scheme, which will ban driver-only cars along EDSA during peak hours, was set in place without public consultation and due process.

The resolution strongly urges the Metro Manila Council and the Metropolitan Manila Development authority to conduct public consultations, further study the ‘driver-only’ ban, and provide for real solutions to Metro Manila traffic congestions.”

"The implementation of a regulation that would allegedly affect seventy percent (70%) of the motor vehicles plying and enjoying the use of the Philippines’ major thoroughfare without holding a prior public consultation or hearing is violative of the due process of laws enshrined and protected under the Constitution," the resolution states.

The Metro Manila Council had issued MMDA Resolution No. 18-005 - which designated all lanes of EDSA as High-Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) Lanes where single-occupant vehicles are banned "without public consultation and hearing.”
The resolution pointed out that the driver-only ban of the MMDA would effectively deprive thousands of people of the use of the country’s major thoroughfare since it would be in effect during the working and commuting hours of the week.

It added that experts and citizens alike protest, criticize and doubt the success of HOV regulations in easing traffic congestion "in the absence of safe and reliable alternative means of transportation, and lack of uncongested vehicular road routes.”

"Transportation experts, including University of the Philippines Planning and Development Research Foundation Primitivo Cal, warned that such “piecemeal” or “band-aid” measure could even worsen traffic congestion as it could encourage the proliferation of unauthorized “for-hire” vehicles or colorum, as shown by the recently scrapped Indonesian model," according to the resolution.

The resolution also noted that in Indonesia, along with US and Canada where HOV lanes have been implemented, the scheme has been criticized as "ineffective and counterproductive in addressing traffic congestion." It was reported that Indonesia has already recalled its HOV policy.

It added that other jurisdictions provide for incentives for HOVs instead of imposing a total ban for driver-only vehicles.

"Transportation research shows that a HOV regulation, whose main objective is to encourage carpooling, will not eliminate congestion as it is proven that it is not always be more effective than general purpose lanes," it says.#

SOURCE: Senate leaders call for suspension of driver-only ban in EDSA; Senate of the Philippines via Facebook; Wednesday, August 25, 2018; https://www.facebook.com/notes/senate-of-the-philippines/senate-leaders-call-for-suspension-of-driver-only-ban-in-edsa/2012144352143169/