Fake news! Law regulating "endo" (P.D. 442) enacted by Marcos during martial law, NOT by Cory

Fake news has been around that it was former President Corazon "Cory" Aquino who enacted the law on contractualization. First of all, there is no "law allowing contractualization" since the right to enter into a contract is a natural right. Second, the law regulating "endo" is found under Article 106 to 109 of the Labor Code of the Philippines (Presidential Decree [P.D.] 442). This law was enacted by former President Ferdinand Marcos during the time when he had legislative powers.

WIKIPEDIA: The Labor Code of the Philippines is the legal code governing employment practices and labor relations in the Philippines. It was enacted on Labor day, May 1, 1974 by Late President of the Philippines Ferdinand Marcos in the exercise of his then extant legislative powers. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Labor_Code_of_the_Philippines