Pro-divorce, pro-LGBT, pro-RH, anti-death penalty: Serge Osmeña III to reenter Senate?

He believes in the right to contraception, the right to divorce, the right to gay marriage, and promises to stand against the death penalty. Meet Senator Serge Osmeña III, three-time senator, self-proclaimed liberal, martial law detainee.

In June 2016 after he landed 14th in the senatorial race, he spoke to Rappler reporter Patricia Evangelista on what it means to leave the senate floor.

Tatlong termino. 150 batas na ipinasa. Walang katulad. Kaya nga naman nakilala si Serge Osmeña bilang isa sa pinaka-masipag na naging Senador ng Pilipinas. Panahon na para ibalik si Serge sa Senado.

RAPPLER: I am Serge Osmeña. I’m 72 years old, and I’m about to be a former senator. I grew up with politics. My grandfather, Sergio Osmeña Sr. was in public service for 42 years. He was the first speaker the Philippine national assembly at the age of 29 and rose to the ranks, became a senator, and later on secretary, the first secretary of education, vice president, and then president. My father became governor, congressman, mayor of Cebu and eventually a senator.