Poe wants free WIFI, clean toilets for commuters

POE PRODS HOUSE TO PASS COUNTERPART BILL ON FREE WI-FI, CLEAN RESTROOMS IN TRANSPORT TERMINALS; Senate of the Philippines on Facebook; https://www.facebook.com/senateph/photos/a.815377408486542.1073741828.749071305117153/1995793700444901

With her bill for clean restroom facilities and free internet access in terminals hurdling third reading, Senator Grace Poe urged the House of Representatives to approve a counterpart measure for it to become a law.

Senate Bill 1749 or “Act to Improve Land Transportation Terminals, Stations, Stops, Resto Areas and Roll-on/Roll-off Terminals” was approved unanimously last week.

“The Senate has done its part, we hope the House will pass a counterpart measure, so that the public can be assured of a worthwhile experience when travelling using our terminals,” Poe said.

The bill mandates that transportation and roll-on/roll-off terminals nationwide should have clean restroom facilities and free internet access.
The terminals must also have separate lactating stations for breastfeeding mothers.

Several bills seeking the provision of hygienic public restrooms in transportation terminals are pending at the House.

In a visit to Cebu province Friday, Poe said terminals should offer a “brief yet pleasant respite” for the travellers.

“The terminal toilet experience is one aspect that travellers remember, whether the experience is impressive or horrible. Terminals and toilets are crucial to tourism,” Poe said.

“Toilet issues are not petty matters, but important in satisfying the public’s need for healthy living,” she added.

The senator said having smudge-fee toilets are also important in improving the hygiene of the people.

Aside from the free use of the clean toilets, the bill also instructs the Department of Information and Communications Technology, in coordination with the Department of Transportation and other concerned agencies to provide free internet access in the terminals.

While waiting for their trip, Poe said that passengers while away the time checking their social media accounts or attending to their work remotely, which requires free internet, Wi-Fi or broadband. Poe said that when her bill becomes a law, she would ensure adequate funding to make the clean toilet and free Wi-Fi service to the public a reality.#