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Limits on the Supreme Court's Rule-Making Power

Acts of Alteration in Co-ownership

PRRD admits he ordered EJK

VIDEO: What is money laundering? How does it work?

Imelda wins in SC re: $75M money laundering case

False Affidavit of Cohabitation; A Mere Irregularity?

Inherent Powers of the President

What does "5-year cohabitation" mean?

Police: "We cannot arrest blogger Drew Olivar"

Penalty in lieu of Performance of Obligation (Art. 1227)

The right to kill ends when aggressor stops

Should lawyers have monopoly over legal services?

Law expert refuses to join #NeverAgain; "Martial law is always a power the President may exercise"

SC approves 1,524,000/year for first-level judges

Obligations with a Penal Clause

Mayor cannot force prostitutes to change residence

Powers of the Commission on Audit (COA)

Sexual harassment in the legal profession

Normal Equanimity Rule; Passion, Obfuscation

US, UN will NOT send money as foreign aid under PDU30

Notes on Delegation of Powers

Notes on Blending of Powers & Checks and Balances

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