Sexual harassment in the legal profession

Female lawyers, too, get sexually harassed.
[1] Female lawyers say sexual harassment is rife in the industry, but many are afraid to report their senior male colleagues.
[2] One former lawyer goes so far as to say equity partners are "untouchable."
[3] Experts say the culture within the legal profession is such that the victim is seen as being "weak."

Lawyers, the people who regularly represent and report cases of sexual harassment, have revealed it is a big problem within their own profession. READ MORE AT:
The legal profession has benefited from an enormous increase in the number of women lawyers entering the profession over the past four decades. While the entry pipeline of women remains robust, at each advancing level of a lawyer’s career, we lose a disproportionate number of talented women lawyers. Many of the reasons for the falloff can be traced to gender, and the fact that women lawyers continue to face many more hurdles than their male colleagues.

What causes the high rate of attrition of women from the legal profession even though there is a substantial pipeline of women law school graduates and associates? There are, of course, a number of factors. But one of the most pernicious hurdles to achieving a satisfying legal career is the unfortunate and continuing problem of sexual harassment. SOURCE: