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You might not know it yet, but we need to talk about your bar exam mindset. Your bar exam mindset includes your thoughts and feelings about yourself and the bar exam. Before we dive into specific tips on how to improve your mindset, let’s address why mindset even matters when it comes to the bar exam. Why do your confidence and stress levels have an impact on everything when it comes to the bar exam? Well, stress can be pretty distracting, right? Have you ever sat down to study, but were distracted by a fight that you had with your significant other or the bills that needed to be paid? That is stress impacting your ability to focus.

The same thing happens with low self-esteem and confidence. Instead of studying, you spend all your time thinking about how you “can’t do it.” Which is in direct opposition to sitting down for 10 to 12 hours per day trying your absolute hardest to do it. If you really don’t think you can pass the bar exam, then it’s really hard to sit down and spend all of your time and energy trying to pass it. These things also lead to burnout, which is when you get to a point that you’re so exhausted and so overwhelmed that you can’t retain anything in your brain. So, all of this matters because if you’re spending all your time and energy on your negative thoughts and managing your stress, you are not spending that time and energy effectively preparing for the bar exam.

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SOURCE: Stout (2018). How To Improve Your Bar Exam Mindset. By KERRIANN STOUT. Above the Law. Nov 19, 2018 at 3:29 PM.
Kerriann Stout is a millennial law school professor and founder of Vinco (a bar exam coaching company) who is generationally trapped between her students and colleagues. Kerriann has helped hundreds of students survive law school and the bar exam with less stress and more confidence. She lives, works, and writes in the northeast. You can reach her by email at

The Philippine Bar Examination is the professional licensure examination for lawyers in the Philippines. The exam is exclusively administered by the Supreme Court of the Philippines through the Supreme Court Bar Examination Committee.

The first Philippine Bar Exams was conducted in 1901 with only thirteen (13) examinees. The third Philippine Bar Exam took place in 1903 but the results were released in 1905. José I. Quintos obtained the highest rating of 96.33%, Sergio Osmeña, Sr. was second with 95.66%, F. Salas was third with 94.5% and Manuel L. Quezon fourth with 87.83%. The first bar exam in 1901 has only 13 examinees, while the 2008 bar examination is the 107th (given per Article 8, Section 5, 1987 Constitution). The 2016 bar exam had the highest number of passers 3747 out of 6344 (59.06 percent) examinees, However, the Supreme Court of the Philippines' Office of the Bar Confidant announced that (a new and official record of) 7,227 candidates will take the 2017 Bar examinations.

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