Negligent tort

Below is a lecture video on elementary dilemmas in Philippine tort law.

Negligent tort is the failure to act in accordance with the level of care or the level of diligence required under the circumstances surrounding the case. It is a voluntary act or omission which results in injury to other persons, without intention to cause such injury. Although people use the terms "tort" and "quasi-delict" interchangeably in everyday language, the law actually draws the line. The second is merely a subject under the first. "Quasi-delict" refers to damage resulting from fault or negligence without pre-existing contractual relationship. On the other hand, "tort" covers all kinds of damage done to another with or without intention.

In sum, tort as a subject in law covers intentional damages, unintentional damages or negligence resulting in damages and "strict liability" (those provided for by law regardless of intention or negligence).