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Effects of corporations by estoppel

Corporation by estoppel

Requisites of a de facto corporation

Rules on de facto corporations

Corporation de jure

Duterte: Trinity, a silly doctrine

Proposed law to give 100% free meds to poor

2nd round of TRAIN to add P2.24/liter on fuel in 2019

PH-China CCTV project may be used to spy on Filipinos?

House Minority calls for honest, violence-free election

Hospital deposit NOT required in emergency cases - SC

CHED should fully implement free education in 2019

Govt to hire more scientists, promising more benefits

SC: Saying 'false prophets', 'apostle of demons' = defamation

Conclusive presumptions (evidence)

Burden of proof

Character evidence NOT generally admissible; exceptions

PDEA: 22.6% of barangays 'drug-cleared' since PRRD

PDEA: We give second chance to those who surrender

New bill seeks to ban single-use plastic

Schools should NOT have too much discretion on when to report or act on bullying incidents

New bill to protect traditional Filipino games

If politicians can steal billions, we are overburdened with tax

4 purposes in imposing estate tax

New bill criminalizes 'e-violence' vs women, children

New bill seeks to allocate 10% of all govt procurement to micro, small, medium entrepreneurs

DOLE: Employers required to pay, report 13th month

Dept heads: Rename POPCOM to "CPD"

3 requisites for imposition of estate tax

Opinion rule (evidence)

Testimony or deposition at a former proceeding

Learned treatises (evidence)

Commercial lists and the like (evidence)

Entries in official records (evidence)

Entries in the course of business (evidence)

Part of res gestae (evidence)

Common reputation in evidence

Family reputation or tradition regarding pedigree

Act or declaration about pedigree

Payment of tax antecedent to transfer of shares, bonds or rights, bank deposits withdrawal

Liability for payment of estate tax

Place of filing return, payment of estate tax

Request for extension, installment, partial disposition (estate tax)

Payment of the estate tax by partial disposition

Payment of the estate tax by installment

Extension of time to pay estate tax

Time for payment of the estate tax

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