New CJ plans "massive revision" of Rules of Court

Supreme Court (SC) Chief Justice Lucas Bersamin bared on Wednesday three priority reform initiatives geared towards enhancing the effectiveness of the Philippine justice system. At an event in Manila held a day after taking his oath as the High Court’s top magistrate, Bersamin said there was a need to make “massive revisions” to the Rules of Court.

“This is the main body of our precedural law and this is entrusted only to the Supreme Court to modify or revise or amend, improve or to diminish,” Bersamin said in a speech. “These Rules of Court have been there since 1940. They were revised in 1964, then there were sporadic revisions. Until, in 1997, the major part of these rules was revised — the civil procedure,” he added.

SOURCE: MARGARET CLAIRE LAYUG, GMA News (2018). CJ Bersamin eyes ‘massive revision’ of Rules of Court. Published December 5, 2018 7:26pm.