PALS: Like doctorate, law school requires EXTRAORDINARY patience, diligence

In an official statement, the Philippine Association of Law Schools (PALS) emphasized that legal education which consists of 152 to 168 units over a span of at least four years requires uncommon patience, diligence and industry that is shared with other professional doctorates.

The legal education in the Philippines was first introduced during the Spanish occupation when, in 1734, the University of Santo Tomas established the Faculty of Civil Law. After the Malolos Constitution was ratified, the Universidad Literaria de Filipinas was established by Joaquin Gonzales in 1899; the said institution offered several courses including law. However, the Literaria's existence was short lived as a result of the eruption of the Filipino-American conflict.[3] During the American occupation, specifically in 1911, the University of the Philippines College of Law was established, through the vision and efforts of George Malcolm. The said law institution continues to be the one of the oldest state college of law in the country.  SOURCE: