Support never becomes permanent

The Pasay RTC and the Court of Appeals are both correct insofar as they ruled that the amount of support is by no means permanent. In Advincula vs. Advincula, we held that another action for support could be filed again by the same plaintiff notwithstanding the fact that the previous case for support filed against the same defendant was dismissed. We further held in said case that:

...Judgment for support does not become final. The right to support is of such nature that its allowance is essentially provisional; for during the entire period that a needy party is entitled to support, his or her alimony may be modified or altered, in accordance with his increased or decreased needs, and with the means of the giver. It cannot be regarded as subject to final determination.

There is no merit to the claim of Jose that the compromise agreement between him and Adriana, as approved by the Makati RTC in the case for voluntary dissolution of conjugal partnership of gains, is a bar to any further award of support in favor of their child John Paul. The provision for a common fund for the benefit of their child John Paul, as embodied in the compromise agreement between herein parties which had been approved by the Makati RTC, cannot be considered final and res judicata since any judgment for support is always subject to modification, depending upon the needs of the child and the capabilities of the parents to give support (Lam vs. Chua, G.R. No. 131286, March 18, 2004).