What is notorious negligence?

G.R. No. L-6870. May 24, 1954: The phrase "notorious negligence" has been held to be tantamount to "gross negligence", which, in turn, has been defined as follows:

Gross negligence is define to be the want of even slight care and diligence. (Mobile and M. R. Co. vs. Aschcraft [1872] 48 Ala., 15.)

By gross negligence is meant "such entire want of care as to raise a presumption that the person in fault is conscious of the probable consequences of carelessness, and is indifferent, or worse, to the danger of injury to person or property of others." ... The negligence must amount to a reckless disregard of the safety of person or property." (Wall vs. Cameron [1882] 6 Colo., 275; see, also, The Law Governing Labor Disputes in the Philippines by Francisco, 2nd ed., p. 877.)