CJ Lucas: Cebu City has "swift justice"

Chief Justice Lucas P. Bersamin today acknowledged the Cebu City’s efforts in adhering to the Justice Zone project's objective of a swift and fair administration of the criminal justice system. The Justice Zone project is one of the projects of the Justice Sector Coordinating Council (JSCC) which is supported by the Justice Sector Reform Programme: Governance in Justice (GOJUST) Programme under financial grant by the European Union (EU).

Speaking before the Cebu City Justice Zone stakeholders meeting at Seda Hotel, Chief Justice Bersamin expressed satisfaction seeing a harmonious and cooperative atmosphere in the city between and among the justice sector agencies, as led by the judiciary.

“I saw Cebu City’s efforts to achieve the overall Justice Zone objective of having a swift and fair administration of justice, under your immediate objective of increased efficiency and effectiveness of the criminal justice system," said the Chief Justice.

Following Quezon City, Justice Zone was launched in Cebu City due to the presence of jail decongestion and court decongestion initiatives, e-courts, and efforts to combat human trafficking.
In Cebu, GOJUST has supported the joint training between the Department of Health and concerned agencies, such as the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology and Cebu Provincial jail personnel, on drug testing for inmates involved in drug cases who have availed themselves of the plea-bargaining program for drug dependents. It has also taken steps to improve the availability of water for detention facilities here.The Justice Zone also will roll out soon in Angeles City and Davao City.

SOURCE: Chief Justice Bersamin Lauds Cebu City's "Swift Justice". January 31, 2019. Supreme Court News Flash. www.sc.judiciary.gov.ph/pio/news/2019/01/01-31-19.php