Concept of administrative law

SOURCE: De Leon and De Leon, Jr. (2010). Administrative Law: Text and Cases. 6th edition. ISBN 978-971-23-5670-4. Rex Books Store.

Administrative law belongs to the field of public law which includes constitutional law, criminal law, and international law. There is no agreement as to the scope or bounds of the term.

It has been defined in its widest sense as "the entire system of laws under which the machinery of the State works and by which the State performs all government acts x x x." Thus, the term would embrace all the laws that regulate or control the administrative organization and operations of the government including the legislative and judicial branches.

Other very broad definitions refer to it as "the law which provides the structure of government and prescribes its procedure, x x x, the law which controls or is intended to control the administrative operations of the government or "the law of governmental administration."

In a less comprehensive sense, it has been referred to "as that part of public law which fixes the organization and determines the competence of the administrative authorities, and indicates to the individual, remedies for the violation of his rights."