Limited meaning of 'administrative law'

In a narrower or more limited signification, administrative law has been defined by noted authorities as follows:It is "that branch of modern law under which the executive department of government acting in a quasi-legislative or quasi-judicial capacity, interferes with the conduct of the individual for the purpose of promoting the well-being of the community, as under laws regulating public corporations, business affected with a public interest, professions, trades and callings, rates and prices, laws for the protection of the public health and safety and the promotion of the public convenience and advantage."

It is "that system of legal principles to settle the conflicting claims of executive and administrative authority on the one hand and of individual or private rights on the other."

It is "the law concerning the powers and procedures of administrative agencies including specially the law governing judicial review of administrative action."

As generally understood today and for the purpose of this work, it means that part of the law which governs the organization, functions, and procedures of administrative agencies of the government to which (quasi) legislative powers are delegated and (quasi) judicial powers are granted, and the extent and manner to which such agencies are subject to control by the courts." (SOURCE: De Leon and De Leon, Jr. (2010). Administrative Law: Text and Cases. 6th edition. ISBN 978-971-23-5670-4. Rex Books Store.