Dad jailed for taking kid's phone to discipline her

A father claims his decision to take away his daughter's cell phone led to their estrangement and his eventual arrest, which he said was a result of police bullying. Ronald Jackson said he confiscated his 15-year-old daughter phone because she allegedly sent cruel text messages to the daughter of his new wife.

Jackson told INSIDE EDITION he "doesn't consider it cruel punishment." However, the mother of his daughter filed criminal charges and Jackson was arrested and charged with theft of property.

Dad Gets Arrested for Taking Daughter's iPhone Away. Inside Edition. Published on Feb 2, 2016.
In the Philippines, theft is committed by any person who, with intent to gain but without violence against or intimidation of persons nor force upon things, shall take personal property of another without the latter's consent. (Article 308. Who are liable for theft under Act 3815)