Advice to X who needs to work during the Bar month

X, a bar candidate, is self-employed. He has no leave credits; he needs to work 8 hours weekdays even in November. What suggestions can you give him so he can survive the bar exam? (Suggestions will be blogged.) (Project Jurisprudence - Philippines. June 27 at 7:33 PM)

Petter Allan Marquez: Relax once in a while, worked for me...

Nam Legalis Justitia Bellator: Atty. Lawagan's bar story could inspire him. Atty. Lawagan worked as Security Guard during weekdays. Travelled to Manila on Saturday to take the bar on Sunday, and travelled back to Baguio at night after the afternoon subject for him to work again the next day. Same cycle until he completed the four Sundays. And he made it.

Techniv Fhargs: My suggestions to him will be to take the bar in November in whatever circumstances . His works is only week days so he can still study every Saturday and take the bar on 4 sundays of November. It doesnt matter whether you have sick leave or your working. if its Gods will for you to become a lawyer it will happen. Do not blame your work or having no sick leave. Becoming a Lawyer is a 5 year or more years toil, Bar review is more of a review.Understanding and knowledge of the Law is important in your Law school days. so hard work is very important.

Orlando Porlucas: No problem a self-employed can utilize all his time to review, full support of his family not only financially but for him to have ample time to prepare for the BAR stress free to focus, in the meantime take a break in his work afterall, he is self-employed and he cannot be the subject of dismissal to anybody

Dagnil Rhet: Read notes while on lunch, take vitamins, sleep and eat well, pray, think positive,. God has the final say

Bob Uy: he is his own boss. so leave the business in the hands of someone he trusts so he can focus on his studying..X should do this if he believes that he cannot serve two masters (self employment and studies) so he can concentrate on only one. otherwise, self employ at the same time study :D

Aria Aria: X must have perseverance coupled with meditation and most off all bring along d PRAYERS

Jep DV: Self employed, suffer for a month or suffer for the rest of your life.

Paul Dean Mark: Fall back on family for financial support, tap savings, loan, then go on leave Xhris Tian: 8 hours for work 8 hours to study. 8 hours to rest and do other things. just stick to your schedule. thats what I currently do and will be doing until november. I also attend review classes during weekends but I try not to study at home after classes. That gives me some more time to rest and recover before another week starts.

Edgar Sajonas: Voluntary resignation in order for him to focus the bar exam, if he has the means to finance his bar exam and other personal expenses during and after; otherwise, the Bar examinee' just stick to his daily time management.

Reynold Bilon Villania: Hi! I read the book entitled " The Altar's Secrets " . According to the book, in US, many dioceses became bankrupt due to damages arising from crimes committed by priests. This is because in the US, there is an employer -employee relationship between the two. In the Philippines, the book said , there is none. So , the question is , is there an employer- employee relationship between the diocese and the priest in the Philippines?

Matt Matt: X is not alone. Y is also working and a single parent. Time management, a lot your breaktime for readings. Wake up early and read. Attend review classes during weekends or study/read 10-12 hours during weekends. Pray. Pray. Pray.

Rodolfo Hilado Divinagracia: An arrangement for a compressed work week will make him survive the bar exam.

Niño Yazmin Ticzon: Loss of profit will be temporary considering the fruits, not necessarily financial or material, awaits him if he passes the bar. A sabbatical from self employment to prepare hard for the bar will be beneficial not just for passing it..but beyond the bar itself.Ilang buwan lang naman yan.. Of course pray and have faith in the Ultimate Lawgiver..He rewarda those who work hard.Ora et Labora..sabi nga ng motto ng isang lawschool sa Maynila

Maying Dadula Raymundo: Time management, since X is self-employed and therefore owns his/her time, he/she can have a self-imposed "compressed" work week. Have all work done in less than 8 hours, 4 hours if possible, then add the freed work hours to his 8 hours of study time.

Jeff Cacayurin Talattad: Time management po,, use your time wisely and productive.

Anne Eroles: defer to take the bar for 1 year so he can prepare well and save enough money first to sustain him for 6 months. anyway justice leonen would be the chairman next year. dont be in a hurry.. 😎

Dale: While taking the bar, let x think he/she is taking the exam in the courtroom. Let x imagine that he needs to pass the test for those people who needs justice. Let x imagine that he/she is infront of the God inside the courtroom while proving his/herself to be a Licensed Lawyer.