12 things to remember BEFORE the Bar exam

The Office of the Bar Confidant (OBC) of the Supreme Court (SC) of the Philippines issues bulletins and announcements relating to the Bar examination held every year. The Bar examination is a pen-and-paper essay test for those who wish to be ordained as lawyers after finishing a 4-year degree in law school.

Below are tips officially issued by the OBC of the SC for the information and guidance of Bar examinees.

[1] The University's Espana gates will open at 4:00 a.m. and 12:00 noon on the examination days and will close thirty (30) minutes before the given examination time. After the gates are closed, no one will be allowed to enter without the permission of the Bar Chairperson or, in the latter's absence, the Bar Confidant.

Failure to take the examination in any subject disqualifies the examinee from taking the remaining Bar examinations. No refund of the examination fee will be allowed.

[2] Bar examinees are not allowed to bring in, alight from, or park their vehicles inside the University.

[3] Bar examinees assigned to take their examinations at the St. Martin de Porres Building (Medicine Building) and at the St. Raymond's Building (AB/Commerce Building), as well as the Albertus Magnus Building (Education Building) if applicable, may enter the campus only through Gates 2 or 3 along Espana Boulevard.

[4] Bar examinees should always wear their color-coded building assignment cards prominently displayed on their chests, together with their Notice of Admission/Permit. Together, these two items of identification shall serve as the examinees' pass to enter into the University compound, as well as their assigned building and room. Avoid losing any of these items as the absence of either one can bar the examinee from admission into the University.

[5] Before going to their assigned buildings, examinees are required to submit themselves to a security check/inspection and to deposit all communication devices, electronic gadgets (cellphones, tablets, laptops, watches, cameras and the like), and other prohibited items in their possession, if any, to the security personnel assigned at the designated inspection areas. Analog, digital, or smart watches shall not be allowed inside the examination rooms.[6] Bringing of deadly weapons inside the University is strictly prohibited and is considered a violation of the Bar Examinations Rules of Conduct. This prohibition applies even to those who have permits to carry firearms outside of their residence. Any such weapon found on the examinee 's person shall be confiscated, and the incident shall be reported to the Office of the Bar Confidant for assessment if further investigation is warranted.

[7] Possession of alcoholic drinks and/or cigarettes anywhere within the University campus is not allowed. Alcoholic drinks and/or cigarettes are subject to confiscation, and the incident shall be reported to the Office of the Bar Confidant for assessment if further investigation is warranted.

[8] Possession and drinking of alcoholic drinks, as well as smoking, are considered violations of the Bar Examinations Rules of Conduct.

[9] Pursuant to its Styro-Free campaign, the University prohibits the use of stryrofoam/polystyrene inside its premises. Hence, the examinees are encouraged to use or place their food/snacks in non-styrofoam containers or in carton containers.

[10] To minimize plastic waste, the examinees are likewise encouraged to bring their drinks in transparent reusable tumblers instead of disposable plastic bottles.

[11] Upon arrival at their assigned building in the morning of each examination day, the examinees should confirm their room assignments by checking the bulletin boards along the ground floor corridor and at their assigned floors.

[12] Bar examinees are required to immediately proceed to their assigned rooms and not to loiter around in their assigned examination buildings.

SOURCE: Before the Examinations. Office of the Bar Confidant. Guide and Rules of Conduct to the 2019 Bar Examinations. Bar Bulletin No. 4 (No. 6 on http://sc.judiciary.gov.ph/bar-admissions/bar-2019/).