Knowing the coverage, managing the Bar exam

Knowing the Coverage. The coverage of the Bar Examinations is precisely defined in the Syllabi, which have been uploaded in the Supreme Court Website. As stated in the Message from the Bar Chairperson issued with the Syllabi, "all questions would only revolve around the laws, rules, issuances, and jurisprudence pertinent to the key topics stated therein as of the cut-off date." Hence, the Bar examinees need not study materials not covered in the Syllabi.

Principles of law are not covered by the cut-off period. Hence, any principle of law that appeared in the Court's decisions after the cut-off date is NOT excluded from the coverage of the examinations.

Managing the Examinations. Performing well in the Bar Examinations requires a good understanding of the basic principles of law and of relevant jurisprudence, as well as an adequate ability to understand and communicate in the English language.

Proficiency in English comes from the examinees' accumulated study of, and experience in communicating in, this language. Knowledge of law, on the other hand, is based on years of study in law school and in the Bar review classes. In order to pass the Bar examinations, the examinees need to exert effort to be as precise as possible m communicating their knowledge of the law in their answers.

SOURCE: Office of the Bar Confidant. Guide and Rules of Conduct to the 2019 Bar Examinations. Bar Bulletin No. 4 (No. 6 on