Leonen: 12 tips to become efficient law students

Last Saturday, Supreme Court Associate Justice Mario Victor F. Leonen (J. Leonen) gave a talk in a kapihan session (coffee session) hosted by the University of the Philippines (UP) College of Law. The theme of the session was "What is Law: How to study and why it matters how you study?"

According to J. Leonen, law can be better understood in proper context. The context is that law is a creature of human beings. Like all other human creations, it is susceptible to human failings. Thus, what is legal is not necessarily just. Oftentimes, law is a temporary attempt to make a ruling power permanent.

The UP College of Law quotes him, thus: "Law is also violent, to quote Rovert Cover, as once you know the law, you can turn the entire machinery of the State in favor of your client. But, ultimately it is the people who matter." Thus, Justice Leonen cautions, while the Supreme Court is final, it is not infallible.

There were many other inspiring and educational matters mentioned by the good Justice on that day but possibly one of the most important is his 12 tips for law students. These things, he said, should be remembered to study the law more efficiently. The list below was issued by the UP College of Law on its Facebook page.

[1] Do the work.
[2] Always privilege recall.
[3] Focus. Live [and study] in the present.
[4] Have a good life.
[5] Work the system but remain critical.
[6] Train your mind and not your digital device.
[7] Keep fit.
[8] Always find a way to inspire yourself.
[9] Write, keep on writing. Read, keep on reading.
[10] Learn to be humane.
[11] Your values are always important.
[12] Do not lose your authenticity in the college [of law].

SOURCE: https://www.What is Law?: How to study and why it matters how you study. University of the Philippines College of Law. August 11 at 2:10 PM. facebook.com/201528743198502/photos/a.744012548950116/3232394756778537/