14 guidelines re overtime work for gov't employees

[1] No overtime work shall be resorted to in the performance of regular routine work and activities;

[2] Overtime work shall start after the eight-hour work schedule but shall not go beyond three (3) hours during regular working days, and shall cover only the hours between 8:00 AM. to 12:00 NOON and 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM during Saturdays, Sundays and holidays;

Breaktime is not required when overtime does not exceed three (3) hours; (COA Circular 85-55-A)

[3] Overtime work of less than one hour’s duration shall not entitle an employee to overtime pay;

[4] An employee who reports for work late, or incurs undertime by more than one (1) hour, or reports only half-day on a particular day, shall not be entitled to claim overtime compensation. Overtime cannot be used to offset undertime;

[5] In no instance shall an officer or employee who is on travel status be allowed to claim compensation for overtime services rendered during said travel;

[6] Officials and employees on assignment with special projects and are paid honoraria, allowances and other forms of compensation, are barred from receiving overtime compensation;

[7] In case of fortuitous events wherein employees are unable to register their overtime on the bundy clock after rendering overtime service, they shall have the hand written or typed entries signed by their respective heads of offices or the latter’s authorized representatives;

[8] The Finance office shall be furnished the names and specimen signatures/initials of the authorized representatives who will confirm the typed/handwritten entries in the DTRs;

[9] Drivers and security aides who by the nature of their work are unable to record their attendance through the use of the bundy clock are authorized to continue using their DTRs for the actual time of work they have rendered. However, their DTRs should be duly certified correct by their superiors;
[10] All photocopies of bundy cards/DTRs shall be certified correct as to original by the Personnel Office;

[11] All requests for authority to render overtime shall be accompanied by a Work Plan enumerating the duties and responsibilities to be performed by the employees for the duration of overtime;

[12] Accomplishment Report which lists down the outputs quantitatively and qualitatively, duly signed by the employee and his supervisor shall be submitted as one of the supporting documents in claiming overtime pay;

[13] The authorization to render overtime service for a single instance shall be for a period not longer than three (3) months, which may, however, be renewed for a like or shorter period. No authorization shall be granted which shall extend beyond the end of the calendar year during which they authorization was made; and

[14] Overtime pay for all employees occupying both “OR” and itemized positions of PSO VI or higher including those occupying positions of equivalent rank shall not be allowed.