Powers, functions of a department secretary

Authority and Responsibility of the Secretary. - The authority and responsibility for the exercise of the mandate of the Department and for the discharge of its powers and functions shall be vested in the Secretary, who shall have supervision and control of the Department.

Powers and Functions of the Secretary. - The Secretary shall:

[1] Advise the President in issuing executive orders, regulations, proclamations and other issuances, the promulgation of which is expressly vested by law in the President relative to matters under the jurisdiction of the Department;

[2] Establish the policies and standards for the operation of the Department pursuant to the approved programs of governments;

[3] Promulgate rules and regulations necessary to carry out department objectives, policies, functions, plans, programs and projects;

[4] Promulgate administrative issuances necessary for the efficient administration of the offices under the Secretary and for proper execution of the laws relative thereto. These issuances shall not prescribe penalties for their violation, except when expressly authorized by law;[5] Exercise disciplinary powers over officers and employees under the Secretary in accordance with law, including their investigation and the designation of a committee or officer to conduct such investigation;

[6] Appoint all officers and employees of the Department except those whose appointments are vested in the President or in some other appointing authority; Provided, however, that where the Department is regionalized on a department-wide basis, the Secretary shall appoint employees to positions in the second level in the regional offices as defined in this Code;

[7] Exercise jurisdiction over all bureaus, offices, agencies and corporations under the Department as are provided by law, and in accordance with the applicable relationships as specified in Chapters 7, 8, and 9 of this Book;

[8] Delegate authority to officers and employees under the Secretary's direction in accordance with this Code; and

[9] Perform such other functions as may be provided by law.