Law of internal administration

The law of internal administration treats of the legal relations between the government and its administrative officers, and of the legal relations that one administrative officer or organ bears to another. (De Leon, 2010) In short, internal administration relates to what happens within offices, departments and bureaus. Here, the interaction between such offices, etc. with the public is not the concern but the concern of external administration.

The following are its concerns:

[1] The legal structure of public administration;
[2] The organization of public administration;
[3] The legal aspects of its institutional activities;
[4] Personal activities;
[5] Material and fiscal activities;
[6] Planning activities;
[7] Legal questions concerning overall management of the above-mentioned activities;
[8] Legal qualifications for office;
[9] The legal disqualifications of officers;
[10] Appointment of officers;
[11] Tenure of officers;
[12] Removal of officers;
[13] Compensation of officers;
[14] The pension system for officers;
[15] The legal aspects of a hierarchical form of departmental organization;
[16] The legal relation of administrative superior to administrative subordinate;
[17] The legal relation between the power of removal and the power of direction or administrative management.