The 'finders, keepers' law

Below is a summary of the law on finders, keepers:

[1] Whoever finds a movable, which is not treasure, must return it to its previous possessor.
[2] If the possessor or owner is unknown, the finder shall immediately deposit it with the mayor of the city or municipality where the finding has taken place.
[3] The finding shall be publicly announced by the mayor for two consecutive weeks in the way he deems best.
[4] If the movable cannot be kept without deterioration, or without expenses which considerably diminish its value, it shall be sold at public auction eight days after the publication.
[5] Six months from the publication having elapsed without the owner having appeared, the thing found, or its value, shall be awarded to the finder.
[6] The finder and the owner shall be obliged, as the case may be, to reimburse the expenses.
[7] If the owner should appear in time, he shall be obliged to pay, as a reward to the finder, one-tenth of the sum or of the price of the thing found. (Articles 719-720 of the New Civil Code)