The law's concern for lowly worker

The Supreme Court, in one case, took the opportunity to reaffirm our concern for the lowly worker who, often at the mercy of his employers, must look up to the law for his protection.  Fittingly, that law regards him with tenderness and even favor and always with faith and hope in his capacity to help in shaping the nation's future.  It is error to take him for granted.  He deserves our abiding respect.  How society treats him will determine whether the knife in his hands shall be a caring tool for beauty and progress or an angry weapon of defiance and revenge.  The choice is obvious, of course.  If we cherish him as we should, we must resolve to lighten "the weight of centuries" of exploitation and disdain that bends his back but does not bow his head. (G.R. No. 58639. August 12, 1987)