Brokenhearted boy kills self, girl; parents held liable

The tragic case of Libi v. Intermediate Appellate Court (G.R. No. 70890, September 18, 1992), originates from the story of a young former couple, who were both found dead, each from a single gunshot wound inflicted with the same firearm.

The parents of the young girl submitted that because of the young couple's breakup, the young man caused her death by shooting her and after turning the gun on himself to commit suicide. The parents of the young man, however, contended that there was a presence of an unknown third-party.

The Supreme Court ruled that the parents of the young man are and should be held primarily liable for the civil liability arising from criminal offenses committed by their minor children under their legal authority or control, or who live in their company, unless it is proven that the former acted with the diligence of a good father of a family to prevent such damages.

In the very first line of the decision, Justice Regalado stated "One of the ironic verities of life, it has been said, is that sorrow is sometimes a touchstone of love. A tragic illustration is provided by the instant case, wherein two lovers died while still in the prime of their years, a bitter episode for those whose lives they have touched." Read more: Lex Schemata. Lex Schemata July 28, 2018.