Can employer fire you for being pregnant?

It shall be unlawful for any employer: (a) to discharge any woman employed by him for the purpose of preventing such woman from enjoying the maternity leave, facilities and other benefits provided under the Labor Code; (b) to discharge such woman on account of her pregnancy, or while on leave or in confinement due to her pregnancy; (c) to discharge or refuse the admission of such woman upon returning to her work for fear that she may again be pregnant; (d) to discharge any woman or any other employee for having filed a complaint or having testified or being about to testify under the Labor Code; and (e) to require as a condition for or continuation of employment that a woman employee shall not get married or to stipulate expressly or tacitly that upon getting married a woman employee shall be deemed resigned or separated, or to actually dismiss, discharge, discriminate or otherwise prejudice a woman employee merely by reason of her marriage. (SEC. 13. Prohibited acts, Rule XII, Implementing Rules of the Labor Code)