What is industrial homework?

“Industrial Homework” is a system of production under which work for an employer or contractor is carried out by a homeworker at his/ her home. Materials may or may not be furnished by the employer or contractor. It differs from regular factory production principally in that, it is a decentralized form of production where there is ordinarily very little supervision or regulation of methods of work.

“Home” means any room, house, apartment or other premises used regularly, in whole or in part, as a dwelling place, except those situated within the premises or compound of an employer, contractor or subcontractor and the work performed therein is under the active or personal supervision by or for the latter.

“Processing” means manufacturing, fabricating, finishing, repairing, altering, packing, wrapping or handling in any way connected with the production or preparation of an article or material. (Section 2, Article XIV, Implementing Rules of the Labor of the Philippines)