Online legal opinion

The Project Jurisprudence' Legal Opinion Team (LOT) follows the rules below in giving written opinions via email. All details revealed are confidential.

  1. Send an email to or a message via Facebook Messenger;
  2. Give us all the facts of the case. Any omitted or altered detail will change the legal conclusion;
  3. Receive the first email confirmation from us with billing/fees charged (starts from Php500);
  4. Wait for seventy two (72) hours for the legal opinion to be written;
  5. Receive the second email confirmation that the opinion is ready;
  6. Pay via wire transfer (1. Bank of the Philippine Islands; or 2. GCash Services);
  7. Show proof of payment;
  8. Payment confirmation; and
  9. Receive the written opinion via email or Facebook Messenger.

HOW CAN I ASK FOR LEGAL OPINION ONLINE? Any person seeking written legal opinion may send an email to or send Project Jurisprudence a message via Facebook Messenger.

CHARGES FOR LEGAL OPINION. The fee for written opinion online starts from five hundred pesos only (Php500.00). Little adjustments to this fee may be made depending on the complexity of the legal issue involved and the number of issues or questions to be answered.

The client shall be informed of the charge immediately after the request for legal opinion is received via email.

ARE FACTS DISCLOSED AND IDENTITIES REVEALED CONFIDENTIAL? The email and its contents shall be considered confidential and there shall be no disclosure of the personal information stated therein.

REQUEST FOR LEGAL OPINION HAVING ALL THE FACTS. The email should contain all the facts of the case so that there is enough legal basis for the opinion that will be issued by the LOT. Any omission or change of any detail -- large or small -- may cause changes in the analysis of the case that may affect the legal conclusion or the applicable law.

The email may contain specific questions, if any, that the client wishes to be answered.

FIRST EMAIL CONFIRMATION. The first email confirmation tells the client that the email has been received and is currently under review. The date and time of the first email confirmation is the start of the counting of the seventy-two (72-hour) period to write a legal opinion.

The client shall be informed of the fee/s to be charged immediately via the first confirmation email.

WRITING OF THE OPINION. The LOT headed by its Team Head shall write an opinion within seventy two (72) hours.

LANGUAGE OF THE OPINION. At the request of the client, the legal opinion may be written in English or Filipino or a mixture of both.

PAYMENT AFTER SECOND EMAIL CONFIRMATION. The client will receive a second email confirmation that the opinion is ready and other details about it (number of pages, number of words, number of questions resolved, etc.).

The client shall pay via wire transfer to any of the following. Instructions and bank details will be sent to the client:

1. Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI); or
2. GCash Services.

SENDING OF WRITTEN OPINION. The written opinion will be sent via email or via Facebook Messenger at the request of the client and only after confirmation of payment. A screenshot of the successful transaction may be sent as proof of payment.