10 doctrines in Tañada vs. Tuvera (G.R. No. L-63915)

What are the principles laid down by the Supreme Court in the case of Tañada vs. Tuvera (G.R. No. L-63915; December 29, 1986)?
  1. Issuances internal in nature need not be published.
  2. The phrase "unless otherwise provided" refers not to the requirement of publication but for the length of time of publication. Publication is indispensable in every case, but the legislature may in its discretion provide that the usual fifteen-day period shall be shortened or extended.
  3. Publication of laws is an element of due process.
  4. Interpretative regulations need not be published.
  5. All statutes must be published, including those which are local or private in application.
  6. Administrative rules and regulations enforcing existing laws must be published.
  7. Charters of cities must be published.
  8. Circulars intended to fill in details of acts passed by Congress must be published.
  9. Publication must be full or there is no publication at all.
  10. All issuances punitive in nature must be published.