Dismissal due to lack of attachments

Spouses Melo v. Court of Appeals, 376 Phil. 204, 213-214 (1999) is the case in which the Supreme Court ruled that compliance with the certification against forum shopping is separate from, and independent of, the avoidance of forum shopping itself. Thus, there is a difference in the treatment—in terms of imposable sanctions—between failure to comply with the certification requirement and violation of the prohibition against forum shopping. The former is merely a cause for the dismissal, without prejudice, of the complaint or initiatory pleading, while the latter is a ground for summary dismissal thereof and constitutes direct contempt.Read also Philippine Radiant Products, Inc. v. Metropolitan Bank & Trust Company, Inc., G.R. No. 163569, December 9, 2005, 477 SCRA 299, 314, in which the Court ruled that the dismissal due to failure to append to the petition the board resolution authorizing a corporate officer to file the same for and in behalf of the corporation is without prejudice. So is the dismissal of the petition for failure of the petitioner to append thereto the requisite copies of the assailed order/s.