Law group warns re trial by social media

ON TRIAL BY PUBLICITY. Read more: Barrista Solutions, 2020. "ON TRIAL BY PUBLICITY."

We often look into situations with bias tilting towards what our mind and heart thinks and feels respectively. In today's modern age, such bias is also easily pronounced or reflected through various social media platforms. The same has taken the phrase "trial by publicity" to a whole new level. 

We have now entered the age of "trial by social media". In line with which, each and every person who has access to such wide platforms can easily voice out their respective stands and opinions regarding various matters. 

While we are all entitled to our respective insights, we must all be reminded that we are still subject to moral and logical standards. We must remember that we need to appreciate each and every detail and angle there is before we may be able to share a reasonable and valid opinion. 

Absent any proof or hard evidence, we must refrain from conducting such trial by publicity. We must advance a proper and logical discourse. Absent proof to the same, we must not be carried away with whatever we see and feel in social media-- especially those carrying with it unverified information. 

There is no doubt that we must condemn illegal and immoral acts. However, if we are to adjudge these people without giving them the benefit of the doubt and without appreciating facts and circumstances surrounding the same, we will defeat the purpose of having a logical judicial system. 

To have justice, we must observe the same has well. Due process must be accorded. The right of every person to fair trial must be observed. We must be reminded that as members of a profession that fully understands the law, every right must be respected. 

We are all entitled to our own opinion. However, we must be reminded that opinions must come with it concrete facts and circumstances. We must elevate the level of understanding and educate people that we must look at all sides of the story. If we try suspects through social media platforms, then we may be turning our backs to the system we swore to uphold. 

Nonetheless, we carry on. Continue to call out the wrongs of the world, but do the same with caution. Always be reminded that facts are necessary to weigh in what is wrong and what is right. At the end of the day, truth and justice will prevail. Read more: Barrista Solutions, 2020. "ON TRIAL BY PUBLICITY."