Family law vs. succession law

The filiation and legitimacy of the descendant as well as of the ascendant in relation to the decedent affects the share of the heirs. As a basic proposition, an illegitimate child gets only half the share of a legitimate child. The classification whether a decedent is legitimate or illegitimate also affects the order of intestate succession. The Family Code, which amended most of the provisions of Book I of the Civil Code, also provides for a different order of intestate succession in the adopted line. There are many other provisions in the Family Code which involves principles of succession such as those regarding the nullity of marriage, annulment, and legal separation all of which require for the delivery of the presumptive legitime to compulsory heirs. Provisions regarding support come into play in the law on succession when a testator intends to disinherit any of his heirs. (Mison, 2010)