Law experts: Quarantine violators should NOT be arrested, detained

Dr. Tony LaViña: "Nobody as in NOBODY should be arrested and detained for any quarantine violation." (

Dr. Ranhilio Callangan Aquino: "I am completely with Dr. Tony LaViña on this, and if he and other constitutional law professors decide to go to the Supreme Court, I will join them.  I understand the necessity for restrictions, but no matter the threat, the Constitution is supreme.  The Constitution was precisely crafted so that no matter how extreme the danger or the threat -- and war is the farthest you can go -- the law prevails.  I wrote on this before.  I write on it again here. The police power of the State has well recognized limits.  It is NOT absolute, and not even in the name of the most pressing of emergencies can it set aside the rights of individuals, otherwise, for whom are the measures enacted?  I am for isolation units. I am for quarantine.  But the question should be raised: Can isolation be enforced?  Isolation is a deprivation of liberty and the Constitution is clear that what is required is "due process of law".  Is a municipal health officer's determination through RT-PCR that a person is positive constitute the "due process" that the law requires to deprive him of his liberty?  That is why I detest fear-mongers. They want to scare the populace so that everyone submits to measures, no matter how draconian, no matter how unconstitutional! That cannot be so!" (