State policy; periodic review of frequency allocation

R.A. No. 7925 recognizes the vital role of telecommunications to national development and security and provides that the radio frequency shall be managed and directed to serve the public interest. Being a limited resource, the law mandates a periodic review of frequency allocation.

Telecommunications is essential to the economic development, integrity and security of the Philippines, and as such shall be developed and administered as to safeguard, enrich and strengthen the economic, cultural, social and political fabric of the Philippines. The growth and development of telecommunications services shall be pursued in accordance with certain policies such as the one described in the paragraph below.
The radio frequency spectrum is a scarce public resource that shall be administered in the public interest and in accordance with international agreements and conventions to which the Philippines is a party and granted to the best qualified. The government shall allocate the spectrum to service providers who will use it efficiently and effectively to meet public demand for telecommunications service and may avail of new and cost effective technologies in the use of methods for its utilization.

The radio frequency spectrum allocation and assignment shall be subject to periodic review. The use thereof shall be subject to reasonable spectrum user fees. Where demand for specific frequencies exceed availability, the Commission shall hold open tenders for the same and ensure wider access to this limited resource.