Courts' relation with administrative agencies

The courts’ relation with administrative agencies is not limited to reviewing their acts in the exercise of their quasi-judicial functions. Whenever technical issues are brought to the court for determination, courts may ask for their conclusions on the status of private sector activities within their jurisdiction and on matters within their specialized knowledge. This is especially true for cases filed under A.M. No. 09-6-8-SC, otherwise known as the Rules of Procedure for Environmental Cases (Rules).The Rules provide for remedies to enforce rights to a “balanced and healthful ecology[.]”[1] A party may file: 

(1) a complaint alleging violation of environmental laws;[2] 

(2) a petition for the issuance of a writ of kalikasan alleging violation of the right to healthful ecology;[3] or 

(3) a petition for the issuance of continuing mandamus alleging neglect in the performance of duty to enforce environmental laws.[3]

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