What is merger? (Sec. 40, NIRC)

Section 40 (6)(b) of the 1997 National Internal Revenue Code (NIRC) provides:

(6) Definitions.-

b) The term 'merger' or 'consolidation', when used in this Section, shall be understood to mean: (i) the ordinary merger or consolidation, or (ii) the acquisition by one corporation of all or substantially all the properties of another corporation solely for stock: Provided, That for a transaction to be regarded as a merger or consolidation within the purview of this Section, it must be undertaken for a bona fide business purpose and not solely for the purpose of escaping the burden of taxation: Provided, further, That in determining whether a bona fide business purpose exists, each and every step of the transaction shall be considered and the whole transaction or series of transactions shall be treated as a single unit: Provided, finally, That in determining whether the property transferred constitutes a substantial portion of the property of the transferor, the term 'property' shall be taken to include the cash assets of the transferor.