1. Exam starts at 8:00PM and ends at 8:30PM on June 07, 2023.
  2. 85% of your score will be from the objective-type questions.
  3. 15% of your score will be from one (1) essay-type question.
  4. The passing score is 75.00% of the total exam points.
  5. Cheating is not allowed. Our website is equipped with paradata technology and special widgets to detect cheating in different forms such as but not limited to switching tabs/apps and copy-pasting. If you get caught cheating, your score will be nullified.
  6. Scores will not be revealed, except through certifications and examinees who get a score of at least 75% will be posted on the PJP's Facebook Page to recognize their achievements.
  7. You may request a Certificate of Merit/Certification on Exam Score after 24 hours from end of exam.
  8. Requests for certification shall be done through the message function of the PJP Facebook Page.
  9. Certain personal questions will be asked from you such as your full name to be reflected on the certification, your complete address to which your certification will be sent and your mobile phone number in case of other inquiries from our end.
  10. Certifications will be sent to the name and address you enter into the forms. Be careful with the spelling of your name as any error will require you to request a re-issued copy at your cost.
  11. Certifications are valid only within two (2) years from date of certification.
  12. Passers will be entered into our Roll of Successful Examinees.
  13. In case of need for verification of the certification from your HR or any company you are applying for, you may direct them to contact us through info@projectjurisprudence.com.
  14. For other details about this Program, please visit this link: WHAT IS THE PJP MERIT EXAM PROGRAM?