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SC Reaffirms Strengthened Role of Shari’ah Courts in Philippine Judicial System

SC Issues Guidelines in the Prosecution of Criminal Actions for Tax Law Violations

SC Issues Guidelines on Transfer and Assumption of Jurisdiction Over Areas in Taguig City

SC: Writ of Continuing Mandamus Applies Only to Environmental Cases; Cannot be Invoked to Compel Investigation of Anti-Illegal Drug Operations

SC Affirms Sandiganbayan Dismissal of Complaint for ill-Gotten Wealth Recovery Against Lucio Tan, et al.

SC: Anti-VAWC Protection Orders Do Not Violate Men’s Right to Due Process

SC: Only Registered and Licensed Architects May Sign Architectural Documents

SC Upholds Disability Claims of Seafarer Injured while Playing Basketball

SC: Senate Committed Grave Abuse of Discretion in Issuing Contempt and Arrest Orders vs. Pharmally Resource Persons

SALONGA v. SOLVANG PHILIPPINES, INC. ET AL. (G.R. No. 229451. February 10, 2021)

DEMEGILLO v. LUMAMPAO ET AL. (G.R. No. 211253. February 10, 2021)