Notes on employment of minors

Labor Code and RA 7658 and RA 9231 provide rules an regulations on the employment of minors. RA 7658 is an act prohibiting the employment of children below 15 years of age in public and private undertakings. On the other hand, RA 9231 is an act providing for the elimination of the worst forms of child labor and affording stronger protection for the working child, amending for this purpose RA 7610.


For legal purposes, the term “child” refers to any person less than eighteen (18) years of age.

A “working child” refers to any child engaged as follows: i. when the child is below eighteen (18) years of age, in work or economic activity that is not “child labor;” and ii. when the child below fifteen (15) years of age: (a) in work where he/she is directly under the responsibility of his/her parents or legal guardian and where only members of the child’s family are employed; or (b) in “public entertainment or information”which refers to artistic, literary, and cultural performances for television show, radio program, cinema or film, theater, commercial advertisement, public relations activities or campaigns, print materials, internet, and other media.