Judges should not engage in non-judicial which interferes with official duties

Apart from such disobedience and defiance of lawful orders of his superiors, the record also discloses that Judge Villanueva never sought permission to engage in activities and perform functions other than judicial, and only did so in January, 1996 after administrative proceedings had been initiated against him, when he asked the Court Administrator to permit him "in a non-officio (sic) capacity to render charitable and rehabilitations services to the juvenile detainees ** (supra). His engagement in extraneous, non-judicial activities have interfered with the performance of his judicial duties, caused undue inconvenience and anxiety to "Lawyers, Party Litigants, and personnel from the Office of the Clerk of Court (of Quezon City)" and placed records of civil cases at unnecessarily risk of loss, and have motivated his defiance of lawful orders of his superiors. [A.M. No. 92-6-326-MeTC. December 16, 1996]