In RAPE, failure to cry out for help NOT inconsistent with human nature, experience

Appellant likewise faults the trial court for giving full faith and credence to the testimony of the victim, theorizing that the same is inconsistent with human nature and experience in that the victim failed to make an outcry despite the fact that her siblings were inside their house which was only ten meters away from the scene of the crime; she did not answer when she heard her mother calling, which could have deterred the commission of the act; she acted normally immediately after and despite her alleged ravishment; and it was never shown that the victim suffered from shock, bleeding or pain. Furthermore, the victim admitted during her cross-examination that her mother constantly discussed the incident with her and even instructed her on what to say in court. We once again reiterate the oftrepeated holding that not every witness to or victim of a crime can be expected to act reasonably and conformably to the usual expectations of everyone. People may react differently to the same situation. One Person's spontaneous, or unthinking or even instinctive, response to a horrible and repulsive stimulus may be aggression, while another's may be cold indifference. Yet, it can never be successfully argued that the latter are any less sexual victims than the former. The reaction of the unfortunate Rosalina Orubia, who has the mentality of an eight or nine-year old child, is to be expected from a child of such tender years. She lost no time in telling her mother about what happened immediately upon reaching home. The records affirm that she instinctively narrated her ordeal to her mother, and ultimately to the court. [G.R. No. 118823. November 19, 1996]