Party having many legal tasks NOT sufficient to justify delay in filing answer, comment, etc.

Petitioner insists that the challenged Resolutions must be overturned, in light of the fact petitioner is tasked with regulating the video industry pursuant to PD 1987, and that its petition is meritorious, being "higly impressed with public interest" in view of the unfair competition against the local movie industry posed by rampant film piracy, as well as the erosion of the viewing public's moral fiber due to unclassified and unreviewed videotapes of films with pornographic and violent sequences. Petitioner thus prays that we apply a liberal interpretation of the rules to its petition. We reject such argument. While we recognize the laudable role and difficult task of petitioner, they do not make the case "exceptionally meritorious" as to warrant the liberal application of the rules. The reasoning employed is untenable. The issue that petitioner tried to bring before respondent Court was the propriety of the quashal of the search warrant. It has nothing to do with petitioner's purpose and task because these do not show ow the RTC of Kalookan City erred in quashing the aforementioned search warrant. [G.R. No. 106564. November 28, 1996]