SSS Res. 56 on monetary benefits or honoraria

Petitioners also asseverate that the scheme of financial assistance under Res. 56 may be likened to the monetary benefits of government officials and employees who are paid, over and above their salaries and allowances as provided by statute, an additional honorarium in varying amounts. We find this comparison baseless and misplaced. As clarified by the Solicitor General: Petitioners comparison of SSS Resolution No. 56 with the honoraria given to government officials and employees of the National Prosecution Service of the Department of Justice, Office of the Government Corporate Counsel and even in the Office of the Solicitor General is devoid of any basis. The monetary benefits or honoraria given to these officials or employees are categorized as travelling and/or representation expenses which are incurred by them in the course of handling cases, attending court/administrative hearings, or performing other field work. These monetary benefits are given upon rendition of service while the financial benefits under SSS Resolution No. 56 are given upon retirement from service. [G.R. No. 116422. November 4, 1996]